Week 10 : Ohm

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Week 10 : Ohm

We have moved into double digits now!

To be honest, baby still doesn’t feel fully real, given the probability of miscarriage is higher in the 1st trimester, and also I’ve got the Down’s Syndrome screening in week 12.  Baby is still my little hush-hush, however I have informed my immediate family, manager, my health consultants (physical instructors, physical therapists, medical advisors).

I have, however, definitely been feeling the effects of pregnancy!  The tiredness has become a daily feature.  All I can manage is yoga instruction, going to work … & sleeping!  In fact, the yoga instruction provides me with liberation, feeling more energised after a lesson :).  As mentioned last week, the massages are also helping, so I have been getting more than normal!

I have also been longing for carbs, & wouldn’t you know it, the less healthier options – pasta, noodles, bread.  I am also observing my tastebuds changing.  A feature of my pre pregnancy diet was beans for protein, with meat 2 – 3 times, and I felt more in control of my diet.  However, I can’t endure beans any longer, & favour meat!  I have heard that the leaning towards meat is an ordinary occurrence for mummies-to-be.

Also, ‘feeling’ fat :(.  It’s not obvious that I’m pregnant, except maybe appearing to have gained a few extra kilos!  Another physical feature I have gained, is an ache in the left side of my lower back and glutes!  I have heard that sciatica can be an occurrence of pregnancy, & I’m hoping that it isn’t, especially this early on!

This week, I have also been attending a Kids Yoga Teacher Training, which has been pleasant  experience, especially given my current condition.  I am feeling more and more linked to the world of kids :).

Here is this week 10’s anatomy of pregnancy.

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