Week 12 : Green Lights

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Week 12 : Green Lights

Last week I mentioned that baby still doesn’t feel fully real, and an ingredient in this is OSCAR.  Who?!

Better known as the Down Syndrome’s test.  I guess I didn’t want to get too attached to baby, in case …

I have been chatting to baby, saying that if baby would like to stay, mummy would love to have baby in her life, and that baby would grow and develop strongly, normally and healthily.

So, I had the test.  Nothing to be concerned about!  Baby looks like a model of development :).  The Obstetrician did ask if I would like to know the sex.  Wow, so early?!  We said ‘no’.

We now have the green light for us to make public baby’s existence :).  I communicated it to a dear friend who was visiting, as well as the Prenatal Yoga and Baby Yoga Teacher Training that I’m doing this week.

It looks like baby’s entrance into my life is well-timed, given the children’s (yoga) education that I’ve been involved in over the last few months, launching me into an entirely different world, preparing me for mamma-hood.  Thank you baby :).

This week, I met up with another maternity support provider as prospective birth / labour support.  We’ve been attempting to connect for about a month now, and as luck would have it, she was in the same training!  I learnt more about my birthing options, and  at long last, I’ve settled on my antenatal and birthing plan!  This is actually somewhat ‘behind schedule’ for Hong Kong mums-to-be, who know what they want to do as soon as they conceive (!), but I didn’t wish to decide before I was sure, which provided the Obstetrician I’d been seeing some bewilderment.

I’m blending it up!  I’m going private for my antenatal assessments and birthing at a public hospital.  This result has been reached after much thought and research, and even with repeatedly ambiguous answers from providers!  Anyway, my decision is what is appropriate for us – time-wise, price-wise, and birth-option-wise.  If you’re even thinking of having a baby … even if its sometime in the future, I would very much recommend that you take a look at what your insurance covers you NOW … or if you don’t have any, what insurance cover is appropriate for you, and think about whether the cover is adequate for the type of birth experience you wish to have.  I had looked into it a while ago briefly, believing that it was adequate, but ha ha … no way approaching near!

As it seems many expat parents-to-be have the same questions about their birthing options in Hong Kong, I have put together a report on your options from my experience, including approximate costs.  This report is available to members of the FLOW Wellness community, and shall be out in the coming weeks.  Sign up in advance so you don’t miss out!

This week, I chat to a maternity support provider in Hong Kong, and why you would consider employing their maternity (labour and / or birthing) support services.  As a member of the FLOW Wellness community, you get access to the chat.  If you’re not already a member, become a member to access the report :).

Here is week 12′s anatomy of pregnancy and what your baby looks like!


Take care 🙂


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