Week 5 : The Test

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Week 5 : The Test

What a week!  I just found out I’m pregnant.

I thought I was just putting on weight! I’ve been feeling bloated for the last month, and as I’d just spent a week at home with my family, I thought it was a result of overindulging!  Emotionally, I’d also been feeling off, though I put it to other things.  Not in any way did I think I’d be pregnant!  The reason I found out was that my period was overdue a week.  Anytime my period is overdue a week, I do a pregnancy test, just to be sure.  I didn’t think much of it and had also ‘checked in’ with myself ‘asking’ if I was pregnant, and the answer was a clear ‘no’!  Well, was I wrong!

Saturday morning, I woke up, and did the test.  I had to stare at the result over and over to ensure that I wasn’t still half asleep and my eyes were playing tricks on me.  I thought perhaps if I left it for a few hours … maybe even a day, the result would change?

Several hours later, and the result was still the same.


Even though my husband and I had spoken about having children, the reality of it was unfathomable!  I hadn’t thought it would occur so soon (and I know when it did transpire)!  That one time!

I was also shocked at my reaction.  It wasn’t the reaction I ‘expected’.  You always hear of people being overjoyed when they find out.  I can’t say I was.  I was … and still am … shocked.

I broke the news to my husband later in the afternoon.  A slight smile popped onto his face, until he saw how shocked I was.

I thought, just to be sure, I’ll go to the Dr to have it confirm.  Perhaps the test is wrong.  After all, it’s a cheap pregnancy test.

Tuesday, I went to the Dr.  The first thing the Dr asked me was ‘do you want to keep it?’  What kind of question is that?!!!  No congratulations?!!!  He asked me how I found out.  I told him I did a pregnancy test.  He said wryly, ‘they are normally right’.  Nice start.

As he said, the pregnancy test was right.  I am 5.5 weeks pregnant.

The Dr’s appointment did not progress any better.  I asked him if he had any recommendations.  ‘No.

I left the Dr feeling deflated.  The shock returned, to the point of tears.  I felt alone.

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  1. Great bedside manner! What he should have said was that positive pregnancy tests can’t be wrong, only negative ones. It’s a shame he ruined what should have been an exciting and positive experience for you. Congratulations!

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