Week 6 : Do Not …

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Week 6 : Do Not …


I started reading websites and forums on what TO DO when pregnant.  All I read was what NOT TO DO.

  • Don’t eat chocolate. (Telling a woman not to eat chocolate?!!!)
  • Don’t drink coffee. (A regular necessity.)
  • Exercise only lightly (i.e., walking).  (From boxing, circuit training, swimming, yoga that I do weekly, and do some form of exercise daily!)
  • Don’t drink fresh juice. (I LOVE freshly squeezed juices!)
  • Don’t eat salads.  (My staple summer food!)
  • Don’t drink tea. (A regular necessity.)

… And there are even MORE specific drinks / foods / things NOT TO DO!  This is on top of the ‘usual’ NO NOs that I’ve heard about and am aware of from all my numerous previously pregnant mates (seafood, soft cheeses, alcohol etc).

I had to stop researching / reading.

I thought this is supposed to be a pleasant time!  I’m primarily feeling a massive weight of restriction – literally like the wide world that I know is swiftly toppling in and shrinking.

Don’t get me wrong, I am ever so thankful that I am pregnant, and have been able to get pregnant.  I’m just presently feeling unsupported and lost everywhere I turn regarding pregnancy – websites, doctors – which is not what I expected to feel.  I thought I’d be cocooned in joy and nurturing.

I am ever mindful of how my emotions are probably influencing … and maybe even shaping … baby :(.  I’m sorry that baby has had to come into a space that hasn’t been particularly positive.

My one saviour in the last couple weeks has been the Bach Herbal Remedies.


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