Week 7 : Deliver Me?

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Week 7 : Deliver Me?

I visited a couple of Obstetricians.

The first visit provided me with a deflated sense again.  He appeared to be a capable Obstetrician, though I thought he was a bit ‘old fashioned’.

  • No sex’, he said with a boyish smirk, ‘in the first trimester … in case you bleed, then you would feel guilty!’;
  • I can only walk on a treadmill, and only on any other equipment / exercise I won’t fall of!

I could fall walking down the street, particularly the shape of the pathways in Hong Kong!  Also, he kept stressing several times in my 10 minute visit that I had to select my hospital ASAP … but did he help to explain what my choices were and why?!!!  NO … as he was endorsing his favoured hospital.

I’m only in Week 7!  This is my first Obstetrician visit!  I don’t even know what hospitals are available to me – the cost, the differences, and even what the difference is between Private and Public in Hong Kong!

I had to do more shopping around, which as it ends out, is an expensive exercise!

I visited another Obstetrician.  I liked him.  He was more thorough than the first and more sociable.  He also provided several hospital options.  I may not even be able to get into a private hospital, in which case I’d have to deliver at a public hospital, of which he wouldn’t be able to support me in my birth.  The Dr though said he would submit my application to all private hospitals, and we would pray to be accepted to one.  Optimism slinked in … until I paid the bill!  Oh my goddesses!

I also visited a maternity support service.  Post the appointment, I realised what was amiss from the Drs I’ve seen.  A nurturing bedside manner.  They were remote and medical.  Perhaps the difference was that the maternity support service appointment was with a woman, who had undergone childbirth and the whole process, rather than simply seeing their patient for 10 minutes a month and focussing on the birth process.  Then again, some of them don’t even do that – a midwife supports the birthing process even though you’re paying for the Obstetrician.  I felt much nurtured and supported from this visit, being provided with a view of the whole process of giving birth in Hong Kong, including options … and it was a complimentary consultation!  Post this visit, I felt more optimistic :).  This is how I ‘expected’ to feel!

(An aside … I hear some of you asking … ‘What is a maternity support service?  Why would I need their service if I’ve got an Obstetrician?‘  In Hong Kong, maternity support services support a mama-to-be throughout her pregnancy and post, with her prenatal (antenatal) classes, and some, also bump and mama’s regular check-ups that an Obstetrician would do … and I hear, you get longer appointments – 30 minutes (vs the 5 – 10 minutes at the Obstetrician) – and more committed focus on YOU!.  Maternity support services can help in birthing, but alas, in Hong Kong, this service is very limited.  Most importantly for mamas-to-be in Hong Kong, maternity support services help you to have the birth YOU desire!  More on this in future posts ;))

In both Obstetrician visits, I got to see my baby for the first time, which made the pregnancy seem more real … even though baby is only 2cm big!

I feel more positive :).


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