Week 9 : Decisions

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Week 9 : Decisions

For the choice of delivery options, I’m leaning towards private visits – with an Obstetrician and the maternity support service (where my checkups would be with a mid-wife for half hour … vs. 5 – 10 minutes at the Obstetrician), and delivery at a public hospital, also with midwife support.  I’m also finding it a challenge to make decisions, so I still haven’t completely made up my mind yet!

I’ve also become more aware that baby and my body advices me what’s right for us and so I’m paying attention to this instead of everyone else – books and Drs included.  For example, without being aware, I’ve been taking a particular protein powder for a few years now, but have not felt right when I’ve had it lately.  I had a look at the ingredients and noticed that they are generally not recommended when pregnant, such as Vitamin A.

I’m also finding being pampered – facials and massages – aid the discomfort in my body.  As I’ve been listening to my body, I’ve been getting more massages in the last few weeks :).

To ensure that my body can support baby, a couple of weeks ago, I checked in with my Naturopath (based in Australia) to ensure that I’m getting the appropriate supplements.  Fortunately, I had the foresight 2 years ago (yes, 2 years ago!) – post getting married where baby appeared to be the next natural progression – to have a conversation with my Naturopath about what I should consider.  It’s taken me 2 years to get mentally prepared for the change in life … and even so, I don’t currently feel even near prepared for the changes ahead of me!

So, 2 years ago, my Naturopath informed me then of the supplements that I am likely to need to groom my body for a healthy baby and began taking them then.  I am so grateful I did, as surprise surprise, none of the professionals I have counselled since having conceived have advised on appropriate supplements.  I believe it’s beneficial and better for you to prepare your body in advance so baby has the best possible chance of surviving through the 1st trimester and developing healthily.  Also, you may be able to avoid all or some of the 1st trimester terrible symptoms, which most mamas-to-be can attest to that they would favour not having!  So, I asked my Naturopath if I could share with you her general thoughts on what a mama-in-planning  can do to groom her body into an ideal space to conceive and house baby.  To access our conversation, sign up here.

Alas, I’m becoming more aware of the 1st trimester tiredness taking over … but fortunately, so far, I haven’t had the experience of morning sickness.  I don’t know how women – mamas with young children & / or working women (or both!), cope with having morning sickness and the tiredness.  Sign up here to find out how you may be able to avoid morning sickness!

I’ve become fascinated with the anatomy of pregnancy – how baby’s development affects our internal body.  I’ve found an awesome site, depicting baby and mama’s advancement week by week.  Here’s week 9.

Till next week … 🙂


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