Small Group / Semi-Private

 The thousands of years old teachings of yoga was historically transmitted in the Guru-Chela tradition – an intimate, one-to-one personal manner from Guru (teacher) to disciple (Chela). In these earliest times, the sole purpose of yoga was the attainment of the highest spiritual goals – self-realisation, enlightenment, and the liberation of the individual soul. Yoga remained in this relatively pure and altruistic form for thousands of years, until as late as around 500 A.D. when many ‘other forms’ began to emerge under the inspiration and direction of several influential masters.

Today, FLOW Wellness offers customised yoga classes to fit your level, pace and needs so you gain optimal results from your yoga practice.


One-to-one sessions to fit your needs, pace and personal goals.

  • Improve body ailments, injuries, and have other special needs better accommodated individually.
  • Compliment your existing exercise routine.
  • Feel embarrassed (you shouldn’t anyway!) … because you don’t fit the ‘image’ of a person that does yoga. Build confidence in your private practice.
  • Improve and deepen your existing yoga practice.
  • Learn yoga safely. (Yes, it is possible to hurt yourself in yoga!).
  • Prefer your time to fit into others, instead of fitting into a fixed timetable.

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Small Group / Semi Private

Customarily, your semi-private lesson would comprise of 2 to 5 people.

  • Do something fun and nourishing with your family.
  • Do something fun and nourishing with your friends.
  • Share the cost, and still gain the benefits of customised lesson.

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Corporate and Other Groups

Even in a larger group, yoga instruction can be customised to fit the needs, level and goals of the group.

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Also customised to fit you … whether it be your home, your instructor’s home, your office, outdoors … wherever you feel comfortable to have your lesson.

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