FLOW Queens

2012 finds me seeding into a new life experience … maternity.


Given my ever expanding experiences – some Hong Kong specific, and others health and wellness connected to this prenatal epoch, I would like to communicate and share my experiences, which may help a mother-to-be or a mother-in-consideration to groom them for motherhood – emotionally, mentally and physically.  Even though I have had many friends that have become mothers, as I find myself going through the experience, I think … ‘why didn’t they tell me about this?!!!’  (Or maybe they did, and I didn’t listen!)

Certainly, being involved in wellness, the focus of my communication is about getting your body and mind geared to being in the optimal space for having a baby.  For some, this may involve months of preparation.  Personally, it took me 2 years – from considering a baby, to then questioning whether it was something I really wanted and all the changes to my life – a life which I was fairly content with – to finally coming to a space where I said ‘yes, this is what I really want in my life, and am now ready for!’  Ha!  I still wasn’t, when reality hit!

I hope you enjoy my musings.  I would like to emphasise that this is my experience, which may or may not help you in reading it – as I found out about some research I came across into this experience – or if you have had a completely different experience.  If it does not help you, please do not continue.

If you would like to comment on the content, I would love to hear your thoughts, however I ask that you refrain if it’s to have a gripe at my experiences.  Save your energy and find content that would serve you.

Oh … why FLOW Queens?  We are all Queens (us women that is!) of our own (little) empires / kingdoms (wedded or not), and as such, we need to be in FLOW to effectively manage ourselves and our Kings, Princes / Princess, and for some, our extended dynasty :).

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